Dental Hygienist

Ms. Wejdan Al Razooq  was born and raised in Riyadh Al Hazm Saudi Arabia. She graduates in bachelor degree in Dental Hygienist from King Saud University in 2013-2016.

She has been a volunteered to establish a program for the awareness and promotional of oral and dental health at King Salman Social Club, Alamal Institute for the Deaf, Alabna’a school, Kindergarten School of King Saud University and Jamila Bnt Al Harith Elementary School.

She attended training on how to create and use teaching AIDS for individual with autism spectrum disorder, Training on Vaccination against Influenza in 2015, and CPR Training.

She joined Dr. Abdulaziz Al Ajaji Dental Polyclinic  currently working as Dental Hygienist  in Olaya Branch.