Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Nagua Raduan was born and raised in Venezuela. She graduated in dentistry from University of Zulia Maracaibo –Venezuela 1981-1987 and he master in Dentistry for Children in University of Zuila , Maracaibo –Venezuela 1991-1995.

Dr. Nagua Raduan was a Lecturer of Pediatric  Dentistry Postgraduate of the university of Zulia and university  Hospital of Maracaibo and Specialized  pediatric treatment of children with special needs  such as mental Retardatioautism and etc. and specialized  odontological center 1996.

She attended a numerous dental Conference & Seminars to be updated with advance dental technologies.

She has been a membership of International Association for dental  Research 2009, Member of Organization committee of the pedodontics postgraduate 2004 and member of latin American and Venezuela  Pedodontic association.

She joined Dr. Abdulaziz Al Ajaji Dental Polyclinic currently working as Pediatric Dentist in  Takhassusi & Malaz  Branch.